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It’s wasted on me.

I went to my new specialist on Monday. My family doc made the appt for me. She also was the one who found me my OB-GYN who did my hystectomy.
My OB-GYN is a fairly young guy, very cute in a rugged, lets-go-climb-mountains-together kind of way.
When I went to this new specialist on Monday, I was expecting an older, balding, slightly overweight male. Don’t know why. That’s just the image I have when I think "urologist". Turns out I was wrong.
He was drop-dead, model good looking and in his mid to late 30’s. So good looking, I would suspect he’s gay, in fact.
Oh and just because I’m here and don’t want to start a second blog:
I flew to Phoenix yesterday. My flight with Air Canada was scheduled to leave at 10:10 but was a little behind due to the weather delays from Monday. No problem. Then we all boarded and sat on the plane for a while. Why?
Because they were training new cargo guys. They showed them how to close the hold and that was it. The Captain comes on the intercom and says that we’ll be delayed because during the training process down there, they opened and closed the doors but didn’t load any luggage. We were sitting there all empty. We left the gate at 12:15. Brutal. Air Canada is a painful airline.
The movie was ‘the Queen’, which was good, but only one side of my headphones worked and it was a problem with the seat, not the earphones, so I couldn’t fix it.
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