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Ansel Adams they ain’t.

I have had to renew both my Ontario Health card and my drivers license recently. It’s always a bit nerve wracking to do that as they have to take a new picture and, quite frankly, it took 5 years for me to get used to my last one.
And it’s not like in Alberta, where they take your picture and within 10 minutes, you have a new card. You take the picture and go home and they mail your new card 4-6 weeks later. So you wait for 4-6 weeks worried about how bad your picture is going to be.
When my health card and license came, the picture wasn’t too bad in terms of how I looked. It wasn’t a Vogue cover shot, but it wasn’t as bad as my second year university I.D. photo.
The problem, in BOTH pictures, is that they are overexposed. My previous card photos were not overexposed. Why these ones? And don’t these people take hundreds of pictures a day? Are all Ontarians wandering around overexposed?
I’m really not impressed. You expect more for $75. 
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