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Day 5 of detox.

So this is the last day. Last flush of the system was this morning and let me tell how glad I am that I don’t have to drink any more sea salt water. And today, we start on solid foods again. I had a bit of watermelon for breakfast with some pulpy orange juice. mmm good.
I feel pretty good, but then I’ve been getting a lot of sleep so that certainly helps too. Last night I ran a bunch of errands: took my empty corona bottles back (and no, DS, I did not buy more), got my hair cut, picked up some groceries. You may not think this is a lot, but it’s Grey’s Anatomy night so it’s a lot more than I usually do on a Thursday.
Co-worker A also seems to be doing well. She looks much happier and healthier today compared with Monday morning after the first salt water experience. Have I mentioned the salt water was "ew"?
Final verdict on the detox process:
  • Not as difficult as all these people online say it is (athough admittedly, we only did 5 days instead of 10, but everyone says the worst part is the first three days).
  • I don’t know if my insides are in better shape because of this process or not. Only my colon really knows for sure.
  • It did lick my cravings. After Christmas break at my mom’s, I generally crave chocolate for about three months. Now I don’t. But at some point, I will have chocolate. Make no mistake about that.
Not being able to eat has made me very aware of when I want to eat and why. If my brain can remember that lesson, I may be better off with respect to my eating habits going forward. That would be a very big gain.
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