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Day 4 of detox.

When I first started this detox, I was quite happy with the bonus that I didn’t have to cook or prepare lunches or think about menus. I knew what I would be eating for the next five days (water, sea salt, lemon juice and maple syrup) and it was easy to prepare. I had three dishes to wash daily: my drinking cup, a spoon and the lemon juicer. Easy.
Now I’m almost done. Tomorrow, I start coming off the fast after my flush in the morning. Today on day 4 although I feel fine, I’m not hungry, still feeling good, I’m bored. I want a little variety. I actually am looking forward to cooking a real meal, eating it and doing all the dishes. I crave the activity of the meal process, more than the meal itself.
Maybe this is why the DS wanted me to detox, so I’d want to cook. The health benefits were just a cover for her real purpose.
  1. Jenn
    January 11, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    Well, I must say she is rather clever, now isn\’t she?  Who knew that a little thing like NOT cooking on purpose would give you the drive to do so?

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