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Day 1 of detox.

Firstly, I did some research on this detox. It’s called "the Master Cleanse" if you’re interested. And apparently, there is no salad in the evening. It’s an actual  fast where you get your nutrients from the grade C organic maple syrup. So co-worker A and I decided we’ll give it a go without the salad. No solid food until it’s over. (Then you have to be careful about adding foods back into your diet.)
To organize the fluid intake, I bought little 500 mL bottles of water. That’s enough for two ‘glasses’ of the lemon/syrup concoction and you’re suppose to have 6-8 glasses a day. So there is a case of these bottles in the corner of my office all labeled on the cap with a letter indicating which day of the week I’m to drink them. I just have to pour into my drinking glass and add the lemon and syrup.
As it stands, I have not eaten solid food since dinner last night at about 5pm. So that’s about 17 hours. I’m ok so far. A little uncomfortable and mentally wanting to eat, but not physically suffering or having those "why aren’t you feeding me?" pains that my stomach will give me when I don’t feed it. And so far, no caffeine withdrawal from lack of my morning coffee. I only have one cup a day, so hopefully, I won’t suffer too badly on that score.
I don’t want to talk about the salt water I had to drink this morning. Ew. That’s all I’m going to say. Ew.
  1. jill
    January 9, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    this is a comment more about your long write than about the detox–my first attempt at a detox i froze my butt off. i was in uni and all my classes were in tory and it was the middle of winter and i FROZE. anyway…about the long rant. chairs. office chairs to be precise. if you want the delux in office chairs, there is the chair for you out there…they\’re hugely adjustable and very ergonamic…it\’s what pixar and sony provide for their animators who work 20 hour days.They are made by Herman Miller, and he makes 3 different designs, the Aeron (which won the \’design of the decade\’ award from the industrial designers society of America), the Mirra and the Celle. The Eames could also be used as an office chair. I\’m not sure of the specifics of the Eames, but with the other 3 chairs, they come in different sizes so that it is custom fit to your body. The boy has an Aeron at work at and a Mirra for at home. Where he used to complain about back pain and was at the point where he took in a aerobics ball to sit on at work because his old chair was so bad, now he has no problems at all…and this is the man who quite honestly these days is sitting in front of a computer from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. 7 days a week right now.So that\’s the skinny on chairs.good luck with the detox…

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