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It’s a long one (but broken into manageable chunks).

1. I am a geek
I have been having some back problems and therefore, am experimenting with different chairs at work. On Thursday, about 2 hours after I arrive at work, I switch chairs. While lowering myself into this new chair, I see something wrong out of the corner of my eye…
You know how jean manufacturers put long strips of stickers on the pant leg so that when the retailer folds and stacks the jeans for display, you can see the size and brand without unstacking the pile? Apparently, I had forgotten to remove those stickers before wearing the jeans to work. Each sticker is about 6" long and 1.5" wide and there were two of them on my ass.
Luckily, no one saw me but Karen and she was so far away that she thought it was "embroidery or something else girly". Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s worse.
2. Our lunchtime walk route
Co-worker A and I tried the walk route we found at that website at lunch on Thursday. The good things about that route:
a. we walked at a good clip and it took us 22 minutes
b. there were no intersections with traffic lights, so we didn’t have to stop at any point – it was a continuous walk
The bad:
a. no sidewalks anywhere so we had to walk on the road
b. ugly industrial area – the most interesting thing we had to look at was a pile of fenders
c. lots of semis going really fast with seedy looking drivers
So we must find another route. Sigh.
3. Date night
The DS and I had a date night (dinner and a movie) on Thursday.
We went to a cafe downtown called "Zoe’s". You order at the counter, then take your food to a table. I had soup and a pumpernickel bagel, she had a greek salad and quiche and we shared. While I was paying, we chose our beverages from a tub of ice by the till. I grabbed a pear juice. The DS grabbed a pomegranate juice. Then she turned to me and said, "watch this".
She then asks the clerk what the most expensive drink in the tub is. He replies, "the pomegranate juice". Of course. My baby has expensive tastes.
Then we went to see "Dreamgirls". We had a two-for-one coupon. Normally, when you bring a coupon, you don’t read the fine print and learn that it expired, however, we, being slightly different than your regular human beings, didn’t read the fine print only to find out that it didn’t start yet. We have to wait until Jan 8 to use it. Beh.
Anyway, my point here is: don’t see this movie. I would have walked out except when I pay full price for a movie, I feel I should stay and get my money’s worth.
I was expecting a light, fluffy movie with music in it. Like "the commitments". This was exactly that until about 45 minutes in. Then it became a musical where characters broke out into song instead of just saying their dialogue. And it was the cheesiest thing ever. If you know me, you know I love a musical. I’m probably one of the five people on the planet who loved "evita" with madonna. But this was not good. It got to the point where whenever a character looked like they were going to break out in song, the DS and I covered our ears and said "no! don’t do it!!" Insanity. Pure musical insanity.
But the American Idol chick was excellent.
Now, I know you’re all wondering if that evening goes under "Woman" in my budget. The dinner goes under "Eating Out", the movie goes under "Entertainment". The pomegranate juice goes under "Woman".
4. My apologies to people who are waiting for emails
As you may recall, I got a bit of a promotion in October. I’m not sure whether or not I should call it a promotion but although I have more responsibility, my title did not change and, well, let’s not talk about money. (Sometimes working for a small company has its disadvantages.)
Since December, we have been booking a lot of business that I have to schedule in addition to my other duties. It has been crazy. Pure pipeline madness.
This craziness then leads to the following process: I start working on something and get interrupted. Then I go to send an email dealing with that interruption and I get interrupted again. Then I go to send an email dealing with THAT interruption and get interrupted again. By the time I complete one of the emails or deal with one of the interruptions, I either resume my original task or start something competely new because I have no idea what the hell I was doing.
Within two hours, I’ll have seven or eight half-written emails minimized at the bottom of my screen. Then someone will come and say, "hey, did you send me that email about the whatever?" and I’ll say, "I’ve already sent that, haven’t I?" And lo and behold, it’s half-written and minimized at the bottom of my screen.
So if you’re expecting an email from me, you know where it is now. Sorry.
PS: A disclaimer.
For the record, when the DS confirmed that her juice was the most expensive one and that she had expensive tastes, she did offer to put it back and go for something cheaper. I told her she could have the juice because sometimes you just have to treat yourself. (Or in this case, have me treat you.) And it’s fun to complain about your high maintenance femme sometimes. That alone is worth the money. Tee hee.
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