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Buddy, can you spare a dime?

I just totalled my expenses for 2006 and compared it to my budget for 2006. I did ok. I spent about $5,500 more than I budgeted (not bad considering I bought a car, a stove and chaps…). Also, keep in mind that I consider putting money away into my RRSP and my savings account as an "expense" even though it’s still my money.
In the "income" category I earned more than $11,000 than what I budgeted so, overall, I’m in the black. (And no, the extra $11k didn’t come from work, some came from selling my car, gifts, my tax refund for 2005, and of course, the $20 cheque I got from Staples for buying a label maker for the DS.)
Now I have to compile a new budget for 2007. My experience over the last year shows that I need to adjust the numbers a bit as my budget for last year was not very accurate. For example, I spent:
$80/month less than budgeted on bills
$45/month less than budgeted on coffee (yes, I had a big coffee budget)
$150/month less than budgeted on groceries (so where did these hips come from? apparently beer & choc are cheap)
$20/month MORE on clothing (I know it doesn’t look like it…)
and here’s the one that doesn’t surprise me:
$90/month MORE than budgeted on "woman".
Like it or not, I’m forseeing more toilet paper souvenirs in her future…
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