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Tidying up the 2006 loose ends.

1. I went to Second Cup in Edmonton and used a really old gift card for my purchase. I think the barrista had to manually enter the gift card into the computer because my receipt said "FORCED REDEMPTION". I thought a "force redemption" was when the Mormons went around baptising dead relatives.
2. My mother kicked my ass at the gym. I went almost every weekday to ensure I got my 20 minutes of morning cardio in as demanded by the DS. My mom did more cardio than I did and on the last day, she joined me in the weight area and did more weight than I did. I know it’s not a competition but it’s bad when your 55 year old (please read that as "39 year old") mother outperforms you. Consequently, I have started my fitness blog again. There isn’t anything too interesting in the one I added, but if you are interested in my fitness growth under the DS’s programme, feel free to check in there from time to time, even if it’s just to check out the format. I LOVE the format of that blog site. It’s classy. (The link is in the side menu of this page.)
Also, just FYI, I’m up to 30 minutes of cardio now.
3. I flew from Edmonton to Toronto with a stopover in Saskatoon. I haven’t been in Saskatoon since I was 14. The plane that took us there was a 40 person seater and I swear there were at least 4 other dykes on that plane that I noticed. For a moment I thought, ‘maybe Saskatoon is the lesbian place to be’ and briefly considered moving there. But then all the dykes transfered to the connecting flight to Toronto. I’m in the right place.
4. On the last leg of the journey (the LONG 3 hr flight from Saskatoon to Toronto), my back was hurting. Normally, I put a pillow or blanket there to prevent that. On the Air Canada flight, they do not provide pillows or blankets free anymore. You must pay $2 for a combo package. If they don’t give me a better seat or free pillow for support, they can damn well pay my chiro bills. Luckily, the flight attendant called me "Sir" during the beverage service so I used his guilt to my advantage and he stole a pillow from business class for me. I fly Air Canada again to Phoenix later this month so I’ll bring a pillow for my back. Ooh travel is fun.
5. I met up with my buddy "Capt Evil" from my fort days. He is taking a survey. He wants to know: If you had to choose between a partner with sexual experience and a partner with sexual enthusiasm, which would you pick? Let me know. Email, phone or comment. It’s earth shattering research here. Be a part of it. (And don’t let his name scare you, he’s as harmless as a kitten.)
6. OK. The predominant opinion on the toilet paper gift was in favour of the DS and anti toilet paper. Only Stella and one of my Project Managers seemed be on my side. I atoned with a spa package and will not ever buy tp as a gift again. But I will never accede that it wasn’t charming and whimsical. It was sweet. IT WAS DAMN IT!
7. The DS bought me a large snowman tin as part of my Christmas present. She bought it because it was:
  1. Something I have to dust.
  2. Something I have to pull out every year.
  3. Something useless with no purpose.

She’s so obnoxious.

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