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Look at me ma, I’m cooking!

January 31, 2007 Leave a comment
So far this week, I have made:
  • salmon (not too difficult, it comes pre-marinaded from the grocery store)
  • veggie lasagna
  • bulgar
  • chicken soup stock
Can you believe it? And it’s only Wednesday!
I’d like to make flax seed, cranberry, chocolate chip cookies but the DS is hoarding the recipe. She made them for me once so I’d develop a craving for them. Now she’s withholding. Typical femme.

I’ll take things that are pink for 100, Alex.

January 27, 2007 Leave a comment
<Warning: This may be a TMI blog.>
I made my first juice yesterday morning: beet, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger. Essentially you wash it and toss it in the juicer. Lemon peel and all. It was yummy.
I brought some into work to let some co-workers try and it was received with mixed reviews. But everyone seems at least intrigued.
This morning, during my morning routine (shower, teeth, toilet), I was alarmed to see the colour of the product of the third part of that routine. It was unnaturally pink. I was quite concerned until I remembered – oh, it’s the beets.
That must be god’s biggest joke. He never gets tired of that one.
Ha ha, god. ha ha.

We have juicer!

January 25, 2007 Leave a comment
After consulting the DS and researching juicers, I decided to get the Breville Juicer. It’s normally $199.99 but I went to Personal Edge at the Erin Mills Town Centre and they had it on sale for $169.99. So I bought it. Tonight I buy veggies to juice. I’m so excited.
Next purchase will be the Hamilton Beach Eclectic Blender to make smoothies. They come in some pretty swank colours. I’ll likely get white, black or silver. Depends what they have at Costco. Most places sell it for $99.99 but Costco has ’em for $59.99. God bless the Costco.
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I love the internet.

January 23, 2007 Leave a comment
I made a protein shake for breakfast Monday morning. Basically, I throw a banana, yoghurt and fruit (all frozen), water and protein powder, and psyllium husks into my blender and blend it.
My blender can’t cut it. It also proved inadequate for mushing up cooked potato and broccoli when the DS made soup last week.
So I’ve decided I need to buy a new blender. But which blender will be good? There are a lot out there and some work and some don’t and price is no indication of quality.
And while I’m at it, I figured maybe I should buy a juicer. The DS has one and makes some pretty interesting concoctions that she says are good for me. I was thinking maybe I should do some juicing too but I also worry that:
a. I’m drinking my calories.
b. Since everything is liquified, aren’t I losing the benefits that come from digesting the fruit/veggies?
So first, I researched "the benefits of juicing" and learned that, yes you lose the fibre benefit from juicing but the other nutrients and good things are more easily absorbed into your system. In fact, one website had a whole page on the benefits of juicing. Interesting.
Then I researched "blender reviews" and got a list of good blenders. Apparently Hamilton Beach makes some good ones.
Then I went to the Futureshop website to see if they sell this blender because I have a gift certificate for Futureshop and it’s on the way home from work. They do have blenders, but no juicers. Unless they have juicers, but not on the website.
So look how much I learned and how productive I was. I got all that in less than 15 minutes.
Can you imagine how long that would have taken to learn/do 10 years ago, before I had internet?
Whoever that Mr Internet was, god bless him for his invention.

That wasn’t so bad.

January 20, 2007 Leave a comment
I just flew back to Toronto from Phoenix on the red eye from Phoenix. I was anticipating a truly hellish trip because, well, all of my red eye experiences to date have been pretty hellish.
This time I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from the ungodly hour, it was rather nice.
There were only 14 passengers and I was the last one to board. The emergency exit row was empty so I sat there. There was no seat in front of me at all so I had a lot of leg room.
There was a movie that wasn’t great, but not as bad as ‘You, Me and Dupree’.
We got to Toronto too early to land (the airport doesn’t open until 6:30am) so we circled Waterloo a few times. Then we landed.
I was the first in line at customs. Our luggage came out within 15 minutes. There was a cab waiting for me outside.
I got home by 7:30am and actually fell asleep until the Sears sales person called at 11am.
Now I’m showered and awake. And doing laundry.
What more can I ask of my Saturday? Well…. the DS isn’t available so this is as good as it gets considering. 😉
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There’s always one.

January 20, 2007 Leave a comment
I am flying home on the red eye tonight. My flight is at 12:35 am. I got to the airport at 9:20 pm and I got through check in (despite a clerk who seemed to have trouble scanning my passport) and through security (despite being behind that woman who always is surprised by the 3oz gel rule and seems to think it shouldn’t apply to her anyway – trust me – there’s one on every flight) and am sitting at my gate at 9:40 pm.
It took 20 minutes. This means there’s still plenty of time for a gate change, terminal change, mechanical problem and weather delay. No worries though. The souvenir shops and cafes may not be open at this time of day, but the airport bar is.
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Technicolour food.

January 18, 2007 Leave a comment
Here in Arizona, they have an excellent selection of food. I believe I blogged about this in December. However, what I haven’t mentioned is that the food here is unnaturally bright.
As co-worker A will tell you, the yoghurt (Activia) here seems brighter, more artificially coloured and tastes a bit more chemically than the exact same product in Canada.
This trip, I bought cheddar cheese and I had some this morning. It was rubbery and bright orange. Normally, the light cheeses have that problem in Canada, but this was full fat regular cheese. There’s no reason it should be like this. Waaaay too orange.
Or maybe food just seems brighter because everything else is so beige.