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Reasons why I love Edmonton.

1. OK – the first reason is this article in the Toronto Star on a west Edmonton liquor store. Essentially, the owners of this liquor store have decided to take Canadian Tire money as currency. They won’t take 5- or 10-cent denominations and they will only accept up to $50 worth on a single purchase, but still, that’s brilliant. And VERY Canadian. Well done.
2. The weather (knock wood). It’s been above zero and there’s two feet of snow on the ground. Perfect. The highways look a little dirty from the sanding crews, but what can you do? Safety first.
3. Food. mmm…. food. Lunch at my grandmother’s, steak dinner out with Aunty Lynne, dark chocolate covered almonds in the cupboard. And it’s only just beginning!
4. A gym nearby. And yesterday, they let me in for free. They really like my mom and aunt so I get to reap the benefits. This gym also has a massage therapist ($20/hr cheaper than the one I went to in Etobicoke) and I have an appointment for 1:30pm today. I can’t wait. Most people have abs of steel – I currently have an upper back of steel. Not good.
5. Traffic, or lack thereof. My dad was complaining about the traffic on the QEWII (formerly known as Hwy 2 to Calgary). I just had to laugh. That’s not traffic.
6. Big screen tv with satellite. God love my parents’ rec room.
7. My mom’s crazy new kitten. Crazy and spastic like new kittens are. Unfortunately, she hasn’t mastered the art of licking herself clean after the litterbox so mom, dad and I spent an exciting family moment yesterday holding her down and cutting some matted fur off her butt. They don’t put pictures of this in kitten calendars.
Although there is one bad thing about Edmonton: the grocery carts cost a dollar. Can you believe that? Grocery bastards are gouging us. I guess it’s because it’s very hard work to push the cart through the snow so they make it worth our while.
Oh and of course, I miss the DS. What’s Christmas without a gemini femme?
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  1. Allison
    December 22, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    Finally a new blog to read! Can you please send pics or post pics of the kitten? – A
    P.S. I\’m not sure what happened to my \’basket of kittens\’ pic. Tricky msn switch-a-roo.

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