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This is why I usually pick her up at the GO Train station.

On Friday night, the DS took the GO Train to my house. In the evening, she tried to arrange for her 14 yr old to spend the night at his friend’s home so she could spend the night at my home. This would be very convenient because:
a. I wouldn’t have to drive her home Friday night, then drive myself home.
b. She wouldn’t have to drive to my place Saturday morning for boxing.
We would save effort and gasoline and the environment. Everyone is happy.
Sadly, arrangements for babysitting fell through and the DS had to go home.
Rather than have me drive her home and come back and have her drive back in the morning, she offered to drive herself home in my car and then bring the car back in the morning. Even though it is my brand spanking new car, I agreed. It was a very generous offer as it meant I could just go immediately to bed.
All night, I slept peacefully, knowing she is a good driver and very responsible. I could trust her with my car.
In the morning, she walked in my front door and the first words out of her mouth were "ooh your car performs well!" This isn’t a phrase that comforts me. Nor should it: apparently, my car can do 150 km/h on the 401. Ack!
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