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You’ll never guess what’s in my car…

I have my office Christmas party tonight. It’s in Etobicoke (that’s pronounced eh-TOE-bi-KOE for non-Torontonians). It’s the south-western area of Toronto and it’s a bit downscale. Not white trash downscale, but everyday suburbia downscale, especially compared with the brash, cosmopolitan, rush-rush, uppity nature of downtown TO.
Anyway, it’s a casual attire event. I’m wearing jeans. They may even have a hole in them (but not anywhere that anyone should be looking).
The DS (as a gemini femme) is wearing something classier. She’s dressing up. Fine. She’s a beautiful woman who likes to wear beautiful things. I’m certainly not going to complain about that. (Although she’s told me her colour scheme and I’ve been told to wear something that will compliment those colours. That limits me somewhat, although not as much as if she told me she was wearing pink. I have nothing that compliments pink.)
Unfortunately, dressing up for something requires preparation. In this case, she wants new shoes. The three pairs of shoes she has tried on in the last two days (fluevogs, of course) were over $200 per pair. One pair was over $300. It’s been shoe insanity.
Additionally, she wants me to bring her skirt and belt and purse to her from my place. That, also, was fine. Until I found out that the purse is a "Paloma Picasso". This purse originally retailed for $1200 back when the DS was with her rich exhusband. Can you believe it? A purse for $1200! That’s completely insane. I could buy a very nicely outfitted computer at Dell for $1200.
Sadly, the purse is now considered ‘vintage’ and will only fetch <$200 re-sale. That is NOT enough for a computer from Dell. But it may almost be enough to buy her fluevog shoes…
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  1. CreativeGrrl
    December 13, 2006 at 11:35 am

    oh my goodness sb!! i am going to have to preface anything i don\’t want blogged about with, "now don\’t blog about this but…." ha ha ha 
    What I didn\’t tell you about the purse is that it came with a little certificate (which i still have) as well as a key chain, pin and change purse. You noticed that the purse was stamped with her signature on the bottom, so are all the little accoutrement.  See what you get for $1200? A veritable Picasso bargain!
    in any event, i just want to state that i would much rather have personal freedom than expensive baubles (Fluevogs excepted)… any day!

  2. Denise
    December 29, 2006 at 12:59 pm

    Wear black or white is my guess…that goes with pink as do some greens…but black, you cannot go wrong!

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