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Co-worker mind games.

You may recall that I visited our Phoenix office with my co-worker, A, at the beginning of November. While there, we visited Michael’s (the Craft Superstore) because we both are crafty and likes thing crafty.
In the cake decoration aisle, we saw a package of six little plastic babies. Mikey, another co-worker, is expecting a baby in the new year. We immediately hatched an evil plan and bought the babies.
Once back in the office, we started randomly placing the babies in Mikey’s stuff: his laptop, coffee cup, jacket pocket, lunchroom staff photo, etc. This took about a week. He couldn’t figure out who was behind it.
Yesterday, we stole all the babies back and left Mikey a ransom note that said (in little cut out letters from our pipeline magazine) "We have your babies. If you want your babies back unharmed, leave a copy of Section 6.2 of the Employee Handbook in the snack table change cup before noon today." Section 6.2 is about "workplace violence".
In the ransom note was the following picture. Tee hee. Don’t you wished you worked here too?
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