Pugs are dangerous.

So I’m in the ROTC truck, front passenger seat on Sunday at 11am. Mac is driving. The DS is in the seat behind me. We are cruising up Church St at about 35 km/h. The DS says, "Look! A Pug!"
As everyone knows, I HATE dogs. HATE them. But I think pugs are adorable. When they are outside, in a photo and/or belong to someone else and stay out of my hair-free house. (Well, animal hair-free. I have femme hair everywhere.)
So I look out the window and see a brunette (with her back to us) holding the leash of this large, beautiful pug. So I point and my face lights up with pure, pug joy and I say "Look at that adorable pug!"
Exactly at that moment, a tall, blonde dyke with hockey hair steps out of the building and starts gesturing at me in a very angry way. She was not pleased. I didn’t know why until the DS started laughing hysterically. Apparently this woman thought I was hitting on her gf? How can I be hitting on her gf at 35 km/h when her back is toward me. Yes, I’m studly, but I’m not THAT studly. geez.
  1. CreativeGrrl
    November 20, 2006 at 11:13 am

    Oh my!! This was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Honestly, I wouldn\’t have believed it if I hadn\’t seen it myself. It goes to show SB your studly looks are indeed powerful – apparently to the point of presenting an immediate threat! LOL  

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