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The evil empire: day one.

Due to the departure of our Operations Manager, I have been given supervisory responsibility for 16 staff members. My official title is "Resource & Process Manager" but I prefer "Space Cowboy".
Regardless, I officially assumed my new role this morning at 7:30 am, it is now 10:50 am and I haven’t received any bribes of chocolate, TimBits, or cash. No one has offered to wash my car (although it IS raining pretty heavily.) Unfortunately,  I HAVE received copious amounts of work-related email. This is not how I envisioned my work day and my reign of the new Evil Empire.
And I’m not looking forward to Monday, when I’ll have 16 timesheets to approve.
So now I have to re-calculate salaries for the new fiscal year. I’m thinking a formula based on:
New Salary = Old Salary X (# of gifts) X (# of compliments)
Or maybe I’ll just buy their affection by sending them home at noon today. he he. (For any of my co-workers reading this – I’m just kidding. Do NOT go home at noon!)
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