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Typical Femme….

I made the DS open-faced english muffins with egg and cheese on them for breakfast to go. It required the use of a toaster, a knife and the microwave – no stove work required whatsoever. (On a tangent, when I lived in Edmonton, I went over five months without using my stove.) Anyway, she wasn’t hungry when I originally made them so she saved them and ate them heated up this afternoon. She emailed me to thank me and compliment me on my yummy cooking. I replied that I can do it with peameal bacon too. Then she replied:
"sounds good especially if you make a hollandaise sauce for it too. or we could make it with slices of smoked salmon, on lightly toasted crispy english muffins with lotsa melted butter and then a homemade cheddar and swiss cheese sauce (here is where the frozen homemade chicken stock comes in – you use it when making the cheese sauce – you wouldn’t believe how much better it tastes!!) and a thin slice of tomato and lots of pepper."
I thought my cooking was good but apparently it needs some slight tweaking. Just minor tweaking. That’s a lot of tweaking! You can’t just whip together a hollandaise sauce! That requires consulting a recipe and probably requires more than one pan. Sigh.
I’m never cooking again.
  1. CreativeGrrl
    October 4, 2006 at 12:53 pm

    Ok, well all I have to say about this is let me make this for you once and you\’ll be hooked like I am!!

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