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I’m looking for free advice.

I need to buy a new car. I’m looking at the small, fuel efficient, cute, car range. Cars I have been considering include:
Nissan Versa
Toyota Yaris
Hyundai Elantra
Honda Civic
Mini Cooper
You get the picture If anyone has any advice about such cars or experience, let me know.
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  1. Dorothy Zbornak
    September 28, 2006 at 11:57 am

    If you want my complete and truthful recommendation, I\’d have to say Toyota Corolla.  I bought one second hand in 2003 (2000 model), and it is hands down the best car I\’ve ever owned.  Actually it is the only car I have ever owned, and will probably be the only car I will ever own for years to come.  All you have to do is change the oil and filter when you are supposed to, and the thing will go until the end of time.  Some evidence to prove my statement:  A woman in Edmonton owned a 1989 Corolla and it actually racked up 1,000,000 km by 2003 (actually, 999,999.9 km, at which time she graciously donated it to a Toyota dealership and received a brand new Corolla in return.I have recommended the Corolla to all members of my family and friends.  My cousin bought a 2004 Corolla, my aunt bought a 2005 Corolla, my neighbour bought a 2001 Corolla for himself, and 1989 and 1995 Corollas for his daughters when they came to be of driving age, and my mom JUST bought at 2007 Corolla for herself (boy is it ever a beauty!).So there.  Buy a Corolla.  Or if you really have to buy a teeny weeny vehicle, buy a Yaris (I did rent an Echo once – the predecessor to the Yaris – and it was a peppy, fun, and reliable vehicle).

  2. Miss
    September 28, 2006 at 9:43 pm

    OOOOOooo I\’ve always wanted a Smart Car! If you get it, can I have a ride? lol
    But I\’d have to reccommend the Toyota. That\’s the kind of car my ex got & it was fab. (although the Echo variety). Absolutely no complaints and the dealer said if you put away 1 penny for every Km you drive, that will cover the maintenance. My step sis also bought one…Owned it for 7 years now, and no problems. If I ever have the cash to buy a car, that is defiantely the way I\’m going 

  3. jill
    September 29, 2006 at 3:45 pm

    two things to think on…
    first of all…i know everyone says go for the toyota…and i did it once (and loved my tercel to death, probably most fun car i\’ve ever owned other than my bettle…) but it was a lemon. i had gotten the same schtick from everyone about how long they last (my SIL put 180,000 km on her corolla before it rusted out) but there are lemons. i worked with a guy who bought two lemon Echos from a dealership that had to be replaced under warrenty before he got one that worked (third time\’s a charm). For the most part toyota\’s great, but there are a few exceptions…
    second…i love the mini cooper. but i have heard that anyone over 5\’8" or anyone with \’legs\’ won\’t fit (i\’ve not proven this for myself and will be disappointed if it is true since they are so cute). but there was an accident here in edmonton the other week (a 3 car pile up after a rear-end) where the car in the middle (i think it was an SUV) wound up on top of the mini, trapping the passengers…not sure about being that low to the ground.
    oh…just thought of one other thing. do smart cars come with backseats? my mom (who is also on a quest for a smaller more efficient car with zip) eliminated the smart because she didn\’t think she\’d ever be able to have more than one person with her in the car at any given time since all the ones she\’s seen haven\’t had back seats…
    my thoughts…
    oh…and hondas, mazda, acuras and hyundais don\’t have a lot of head room if you\’re tall in the body…learned that when the boy and i were car shopping and he kept hitting his head on the top of the roofs when he sat inside…
    done rambling on now…

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