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Good news, good news and bad news.

Good 1: I had my hockey banquet on Friday. Despite my GAA of 4 or 5 (when it gets that high, you just stop counting), I won the goalie of the year award! So I suppose those 20 lbs I gained this summer didn’t affect me that badly… or it made me bigger in the net so fewer balls went in…
Good 2: My ROTC group went to the Brighton Applefest Parade on Saturday. Very small town but they seemed to love us. Several people came by to congratulate us after. One woman even said, "When I saw you coming down the street I knew you had to be from Toronto. We don’t have anything that exciting here." And the judge’s boyfriend came up to us as we were leaving and told us that we are getting an award of some sort.
Bad 1: I parked in the ‘hood for our open house on Sunday. I went to the Green P parking thing, stuck my mastercard in and bought a parking stub. Sadly, instead of putting the proof of purchase on my dashboard, I put it in my pocket, where it was safe, but not visible to the parking officer who gave me a $30 ticket. 😦
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