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Yeah I watched Survivor.

I did watch Survivor even though I hate watching things with a lot of hype. My comments:
1. That was cool the way cao boi cured his teammate’s headache. He’s like a walking talking bottle of advil.
2. There is an excellent and hilarious commentary on the episode in today’s Toronto Star. Go read it online. It will make you smile.
3. Becky is hot. I went to the Survivor website (no, I’m not a geeky stalker fan – they used to have a feature where past survivors blogged about what they thought of the current episodes and I found them entertaining) and looked Becky up while I was there. She’s a fascinating woman. And she plays Scrabble. I have decided I want her to win, which means of course, she won’t.
And now I’m totally bored in my hotel room so I’m going to the airport so I can at least be bored with a cup of Starbucks chai tea. (And unlike Toronto Terminal 3, the Phoenix Sky Harbour airport has free wireless internet.)
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