Typical femme.

The DS is particular about what I eat. When I left for the airport, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to eat at McDonald’s at the Chicago airport. I was to find something healthy.
She then quizzed me on  my breakfast choices this morning at the hotel.
And I am not the least bit annoyed about this. She obviously cares about my health and well-being. (I am sure she just wants me to live a long healthy life so she can torture me as long as humanly possible… damned gemini femmes!)
At least I’m normally pleased that she is trying to keep me on the straight and narrow with respect to what I put into my body. That is until today, while I was in line at the checkout purchasing $10 worth of cookies the DS asked me to buy and bring back to Canada for her.
<Aside 1: The cookies in question are Nutter Butter and Chocolate Covered Mint Oreos. And, yes, I’m declaring them on my customs card.>
<Aside 2: Yes, I also brought some back for you Stella and Basket of Kittens.>
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