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Cabbage, Jesus & Drag Queens.

Saturday morning we went into the city to meet the ROTC (flag twirlers) to prep for the Cabbagetown Parade. I would include a link, but I couldn’t find one that detailed the parade. It started at 10am so we had to meet about 8:45am to prep the truck. My mom drove it for us, my aunt rode shotgun and a good time was had by all. My mom and my aunt seem to get along well with my ROTC group, aside from V calling my mother a ‘dirty whore’ that is.
Then we all went for Korean BBQ on Yonge. That was a new experience. They bring you raw food and you cook it yourself on the grill that’s embedded in your table. All you can eat for $12.99. And the DS arranged a birthday cake for me and my aunt (we share a birthday) so we even got our chocolate fix for the day.
While we were in the restaurant, we saw another parade going by outside. It was the "Jesus in the City" parade. Not sure if the title is a play on "Sex in the City" or if it’s just coincidence but they had many floats with christian singers and people carrying posters with bible references. According to a brochure one of the floats was handing out, a Jewish student at the U of T heard Hebrew voices coming from Queen’s Park and became christian. I didn’t realize religious miracles happen in downtown Toronto. Who knew? 
Jerry wondered aloud if it would be like the Santa Claus parades but instead of Santa, the highlight at the end would be the pope’s float. V wondered if Jesus was going to be dragging the cross along the parade route. Sadly, V was closer, the last float had an actor (we assume) depicting a crucified Jesus. Does anyone else think this is an inappropriate celebration of Jesus’ life & message, especially since it’s not Good Friday?
Mac and Leanne went outside to watch a bit, but when they came back into the restaurant, they were still gay. No miracles in downtown Toronto today.
After all this excitement, I took mom and auntie home for a nap. They had to rest up for a Saturday night in the ‘hood. The DS and I took them to Crews/Tangos for the drag show.
It was very fun. We watched the drag queens for about an hour. Then we took them upstairs for drinking and dancing. We stayed out until midnight then they wanted to go out for coffee and a snack. We got ’em home to bed at 2am. These post-menopausal women out partied me! That is so wrong.
Anyway, if I can upload pics from my mom’s camera, I’ll load some here. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until she uploads them at home and emails/mails them to me.
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