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My email to the airport people.

I did find a pdf version of the "understanding homosexuality" pamphlet online. I read some of it but that kind of garbage just makes me angry. Then I went to the airport website and filed a complaint saying:
"I was picking up a friend in T1 on Wednesday at the Canadian arrivals gate. Next to this gate is a chapel. I didn’t see an overt sign marking the denomination so I assume it was a non-denominational chapel.
‘In this chapel is a brochure entitled: When Passions are Confused: Understanding Homosexuality. This brochure cites that being gay is a ‘temptation’ that must be resisted according to the Bible and to the author’s scientific reference. I can cite more references that refute his claims than support them and I’m not even an expert in the subject.
"I am very disappointed that this kind of material, which promotes hatred and MISUNDERSTANDING (ironic considering the title of the pamphlet) of our gay community is available and freely provided by the Pearson airport. This is a sad welcome to our city and shames Toronto."
I put down that I want a reply so I’ll let you know what they say. I chose not to complain about the magazines as this was more important to me.
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  1. Miss
    August 11, 2006 at 11:33 am

    Very well put.*clapping*

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