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Disappointment in Terminal 1

So I go to pick up the DS at Toronto’s Terminal 1. (That’s not the disappointment.) I actually love Terminal 1, or T1 as it’s affectionately known, the best of the three terminals. It’s new and modern and there’s an automated sign that tells you how many parking spaces are available in each row so if there’s no parking there, you don’t have to waste time by driving down there looking for a spot.
If any of you fly to Toronto and want me to pick you up, fly into T1.
Anyway, while waiting at the Canadian arrivals gate, I see the "chapel". It’s just a room with chairs and religious pamphlets. I assume non-denominational, but who knows? I was looking through the glass wall at the brochures in the rack and one was titled "When Passions Get Confused: Understanding Homosexuality". Hmm… Now I admit I didn’t go into the chapel, open the brochure and read it, but judging from the title, I don’t think they really understand homosexuality. Why is this hate propaganda in our airport?
Also, once the DS got in, we walked to the ladies room on the other side of the Canadian arrivals gate where there was also a magazine store. There were two magazine racks: "Men’s Interest" and "Women’s Interest". Women’s interests apparently include things like Vogue, Cosmo and Vanity Fair. Men’s interests include McLean’s, Time and Harvard Business Review.
Can you believe it?
You know I’m going to email the Toronto Airport Authority.
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  1. Miss
    August 10, 2006 at 2:43 pm

     You go boi! Give \’em hell!

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