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Femme free!

For the first time in over two years, I am femme free. To accomplish this feat, I had to make two trips to the airport last night: the first one to drop the DS off at Terminal 1 for a 5pm flight and the second one to drop Stella off at Terminal 3 for a 9pm flight. Both are flying into Vancouver.
So I am femme free for the long weekend.
Thus far, I have cleaned my bathroom, done my laundry, gone for coffee, bought a 20" tv for the bedroom ($99! cheap), tried to download an encoder for work (didn’t work), took my empty bottles back to the Beer Store (got $4.50 for them), bought replacement beer and made plans to go out with V and her posse tonight. Now I’m going to clean the garage. I should be vacuuming, but you know how I feel about vacuuming. Anyway, all this before 1pm! Amazing.
I’m also thinking I have time to do a little scrapbooking. Yay! I have three events to scrap: my brother’s wedding, the Kirkland Lake trip, and Pride. It’s so exciting.
Oh – and Stella will be gone four times longer than the DS, but the DS packed more stuff. I don’t know what to make of that, but thought it was worth sharing.
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