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Stupid things I have done recently.

My mom gave me a trilogy to read. I read the first one and enjoyed it very much.

I read another one and enjoyed it very much (although not as much as the first one). I marvelled that the author started that next book further ahead in time and caught the reader up using flashbacks throughout the story. I liked that.

Then as I was almost done and I was leaving for Montreal the next morning, I decided I would read until I finished the book so I could take the last book to Montreal. I stayed up until 1 am. That’s very late when you have to be at the DS’s house for 7 am. But I did it. Oh yes.

So now it’s 11 am and we’re heading off to Montreal in the ROTC truck. I open the book, excited to read the last instalment and as I do, I say to the DS, “I don’t know what the author is going to do with this book – the last book wrapped things up nicely. I’m not sure there’s any story left to tell.”

As it turns out, he wrapped it up in the second book I read for a reason: that was the third book in the trilogy. I had accidentally read the books out of order, skipping the second book.

So now I don’t get to read one book because I know what happens in it and I know how the trilogy ends.

And I didn’t have a book to read in Montreal. There was nothing to do but sit around smelling the pee. L

So that was one stupid thing I did recently. I also jammed myself in the roof of my mouth with a chopstick today. Still hurts like hell. And, no, I don’t know why I did it. No pee here though.

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