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Montreal smells like pee.

Yes it does. It really really does. I don’t know why.

Otherwise, the weekend was lovely. We got there Saturday, unpacked the equipment, sandwiched into our rooms (our room was smaller than my bedroom, had four bunks in it, five people and the air conditioning died the first night), and wandered down to the gay area on Rue St Catherine.

On the way down the street (or the ‘rue’), these two very polite women were smiling and handing out flyers (good quality ones too!) so we instinctively took one. Then we look at the french side and I’m thinking, this looks like a religious flyer. So we turn it over, and sure enough, it was a bad gay people flyer.

Fortunately, it was very nice, relatively speaking. It wasn’t a "you are going to hell sinner!’ flyer. It was more a "sometimes we do things even though they aren’t good for us: drinking, doing drugs, loving the wrong ppl. let us help you" flyer.

Even more fortunately, there was a garbage can three steps away.

The parade itself was fun. It was Sunday night at 9 pm so it wasn’t too hot – just kind of hot. And the crowd was spectacular. We twirled in french. There may be photos. There may not be. I’ll keep you posted.

I still don’t have groupies though. I blame the huge pimple that appeared on my forehead the day before. How can I get groupies when I’m blemished? I guess I’ll have to get them all at the Cabbagetown parade in September.

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