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My life truly gets weirder. It does!

So I’m rooting through my toolbox and I come across… hello, what’s this?… a ziplock freezer bag of weed.
I don’t smoke pot, nor have I ever even seen it all loose in a bag like that. Maybe it’s oregano. Or dill. I don’t cook either so who knows?
As my toolbox spent about a month at the DS’s home, I ask her about it. Yes, it’s pot. She confiscated it from her teenage son, hid it in my toolbox and forgot to tell me about it. OK.
So my mom calls and I tell her about my toolbox discovery. She (who I assume has never smoked pot in her life) says "oh good – can we smoke it when we visit in September?"
I pass that message to the DS who then says "oh no – don’t smoke it – I’ll make her cookies." My mom consents to cookies. The DS puts the baggie in my freezer.
This is so wrong.
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  1. CreativeGrrl
    August 1, 2006 at 11:39 am

    My gawd socb!!!!!
    Tell the whole world about the pot why don\’t ya?
    Heck!! Invite the po-po (gangstah for Police) over to confirm it\’s not oregano and while you\’re at it, give them my full name, birth date and home address!
    Femmes are MUCH more discrete than bois!

  2. S
    August 2, 2006 at 8:43 pm

    I am very discrete. No one implied it was anything but medicinal until you acted all guilty. Yeah, medicinal.

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