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It’s official – I’m a freak of nature.

OK. I saw my ob-gyn yesterday. He’s a very brilliant doctor. I like him very much. I figured if anyone would know why I’m bleeding, it would be him. And he would know how to fix it.
Unfortunately, he has no idea either.
He had a look, is running a bunch of tests and he’s waiting for my ultrasound results. He’ll call me late next week. He’s a sweetheart.
The good news is that he also does not seem terribly concerned about it and has even said that it could be a one time only deal (something about a blood vessel…). He doesn’t seem to think the endometriosis is doing it as he can’t feel any endo growths, which he should if I’m bleeding for that reason, but the ultrasound will have to confirm that.
The bad news is that if no one knows what it is or when it occurs, it could end up happening again at very unpredictable times. That’s not very good. Maybe I should concult a psychic. Surely one of them knows something useful…
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