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Blogs aplenty.

It’s been a busy week so here are the updates:
Topic 1: Uterus Update (sensitive boys skip this section)
As most of you know, I have no uteris, cervix, or right ovary. I had a TAH RSO in March 2005 to treat endometriosis and all that remains is my left ovary. The surgery went well and I was playing soccer within 5 weeks.
Last weekend, I started what can best be described as a period. I saw three different doctors last week (two in emergency and my family doc the day after). The prevailing sentiment from each doctor seemed to be "You don’t have a cervix and you’re bleeding? Where is the blood coming from?" Hmm. Perplexing even for the experts apparently. I am a medical anomaly.
The good news is that despite no one quite knowing what to make of me, no one seems particularly worried.
Also, the bleeding HAS stopped, I had an ultrasound today (don’t know what she was looking at as there’s nothing in there, but I had to drink a lot of water for her to do it), and I’m seeing my ob-gyn tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted but if next month is like this month, I suggest buying shares in Kotex.
Topic 2: New Neighbour Update (sensive gay bois skip this section)
The empty units adjacent to mine are finally full of new neighbours. I was hoping they would be cool and fun and someone I could trust enough to give my key to when I vacation.
The SUV on one side has a rosary hanging from the rear view mirror, the car in the other has a crucifix hanging from their mirror. Ugh. You know, I don’t mind if people choose the christian lifestyle, but must they flaunt it?
Topic 3: I’m Hell on Wheels
I got my first ticket in 15 years today. My last ticket was on University Ave in Edmonton for going 70 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. It was for $70.
This ticket was for not stopping for an amber light on Erin Mills in Mississauga. It’s $180.
Apparently that GST reduction isn’t helping me.
Topic 4: Kirkland Lake
This weekend, we went "up north" to Kirkland Lake. Although it’s 7 hrs north of Toronto, it’s still south of Calgary.
One of the ROTC member’s (Vania) brother, Junior, owns a limo so we got a ride up in that. We stayed at his home, ate at their mom’s and watched an AC/DC cover band. I have pictures. One is Junior driving his limo, one is me and the DS in the limo, and the last one is Vania, the DS and I at the "Mile of Gold" park.
The trip was awesome. We rode in the limo (even went through the McDonald’s drive thru for ice cream in it), slept in the limo, slept at Junior’s (evenings and afternoons), ate, watched movies, watched the locals watching us, and slept some more. I was told by my doctor to not do any strenuous activities or heavy lifting so I was only following doctor’s orders. I’m not sure what everyone else was doing.
I got three mosquito bites. Like I need to lose any more blood. ugh.
Oh – and I do have a great pic of Vania with a bright green helmet in her sleepwear but she’s forbidden me to post it. Email me and I’ll send it to you.
Oh #2 – In the pic of us at the Mile of Gold Park, yes the DS is wearing a sparkly tiara and earrings. The visor, tiara, earrings and dinner ring combo was something she found in Junior’s daughter’s play area. She wore them all day and was rather disappointed when no one commented or seemed to think it was unusual. When asked why, the locals were all quoted as saying "oh – we’re just used to Vania".
Topic 5: Rogers Update
I called Rogers to see if they could give me some money for the time I paid for cell phone service when I didn’t have a cell phone. I got free call display and voice mail for two months.
If they said my cell phone would be gone for two weeks and it was gone for seven, I imagine I’ll be getting 7 months of free call display and voice mail before they remember to turn it off.
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