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The Toronto Pride 2006 blog.

Pride rocks. It’s that simple. You will never see a more amazing display of diversity and acceptance than you will see at Toronto Pride. And we met two dykes from Edmonton in the elevator at our hotel (at 2am Monday morning, no less) who will tell you the exact same thing.
We only had one negative experience (aside from the portajohn experience on Sunday) during the entire weekend:
We were in the subway station waiting for the train to take us into the gaybourhood and not doing anything bad – just holding hands (I know some of you don’t believe me, but it’s true – we behaved) and this woman actually walked her 5 year old daughter to the other side of the platform. Then she put her hands over her daughter’s eyes so that she couldn’t see us. Isn’t that unbelievable?!
Anyway, despite that, I had a great weekend.
We went to a couple of house parties Friday night, then to the Moist women’s dance on Queen St. Since it was only Friday, we decided to pace ourselves and left that party at midnight.
The next day, we got up early to meet ROTC’ers for the dyke march prep. You saw a photo from that on Monday. That parade was about an hour and we weren’t tired after.  The rest of that evening was fairly calm and sedate. We tried to meet people for dinner but they were VERY late and we gave up on them.
Sunday, we got up early again to meet ROTC’ers for the Pride Parade. We had a large contingent of gay boys and miscellaneous male friends with lovely bodies out acting as security and water boys. (I must have drank 6 bottles of water in that two hours.) We even had a gay male porn star friend of a twirler come out. I certainly don’t meet gay male porn stars in my scrabble club.
The parade itself was AMAZING! AMAZING! Have I mentioned it was amazing?
There were so many people and they were so incredibly loud and supportive. In fact, our routine was so well received that we won the "Most Fabulous Choreography" award. I’m not sure if we actually get anything tangible for that or if it’s just an honour bestowed upon us in spirit. And I’m not sure what the competition was like – maybe we only competed with the NDP representatives. Jack Layton may be a good party leader, but he doesn’t look like he can mix it up on the dance floor.
After the parade (the AMAZING parade), we hung in the ‘hood, went to a club and danced until 2am. Then we went back to the hotel, met Edmontonians in the elevator, and continued our regular lives. I was REALLY tired Monday.
I’ve attached a couple photos taken by an ROTC’er’s brother. If you want a link to a website with all 175 parade pics, email me and I’ll send it to you. Luckily, the guy who took a pic of me blowing up Benita (the inflatable woman we dressed up as Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas) hasn’t distributed copies of his pictures yet so you don’t get to see that. And those of you who get Christmas cards from me, will see some there too.
Now, I just sit back and await my groupies.
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