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The prodigal cell phone and other stories.

1. The Prodigal Cell Phone
My cell phone was misbehaving. It was turning itself off in the middle of phone calls, which is handy when you’re talking to people you don’t like, but otherwise not something you want in a cell phone.
I took it to Rogers on May 5th. I got it back yesterday (June 22nd). How can a company that large with so many competitors in the business get away wtih that?
2. The Worst Movie Ever
I used to think Highlander II was the worst movie ever. It has been replaced.
Last weekend, the DS’s son got to choose which movie we were going to watch. He suggested Deuce Bigalow 2. I tried to change his mind by saying I hadn’t seen Deuce Bigalow 1. He said I didn’t need to see the original. Beh.
I saw about the first hour and that’s as much as I could take. I felt sorry for the actors in the movie – I’m sure they don’t even put it on their resume.
But he was right. I didn’t need to see the original.
3. She’s Got an Alternative to Tuberculosis
The DS has been feeding me freshly made juice. Not orange, not grapefruit, not a breezy strawberry-banana. This juice is beet, apple, carrot, lemon, and ginger. She sticks all that in her juicer with the peels, cores and seeds and ends up with about 3/4 pints to feed me.
It’s certainly healthy….  mmm healthy.
4. Gone Fishin’
It’s Pride Weekend in Toronto. Don’t expect me online again until Monday.
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