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My tardy wedding blog.

My mother sent me a package containing some books, some chocolate covered almonds, some dental floss, a crossword puzzle book and a cd with pictures from my brother’s wedding in March. I love my mom (and the 15 g of saturated fat I ate this morning… mmm saturated chocolate fat).
The pictures of my brother’s wedding were lovely but only two had me in them. Apparently I am the black sheep of the family. But since she also shipped chocolate to me, I’m ok with being the black sheep. Pacify me with dark chocolate anytime.
Anyway, the wedding was very cool. It was at the top of the Olympic Ski Jump Tower in Calgary’s Olympic Park.
<Aside: Calgary did not make it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. ha ha.>
The view was pretty cool but the justice of the peace had some issues with height and, consequently, was swaying for the entire service. I’m thinking she should come to the CN Tower. he he.
The meal afterwards was absolutely incredible. As it was only noonish, they had a breakfast/ brunch buffet so you could have french toast AND roast beef. That’s the best meal ever. And they had a dude making omelettes to order. How many weddings have that?
After food, there were a few speeches. You’ll recall that I had to give a speech as someone from my family had to give one and my mom slyly manipulated me into doing it. (But again, due to the chocolate bribe, I’m ok with that.) My speech went well – in fact, it totally rocked the house, but there’s no photo of me giving the speech so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
I’ve attached two photos. One is me so you know I was actually there and not just making this up. The other is the bride and groom and a few other people, including my nephew who is in a great suit. He was so studly for a 13 year old. He should dress like that all the time. Yes, he’ll be beaten up at school, but he’ll look good and heck, he’s a karate genius, so he won’t get too hurt.
You’ll also see in this photo that my mom is wearing a new ensemble. Coincidentally, the bride’s mother wore the same ensemble but in a different colour – a complimentary colour. You’d think they’d have planned it. I, on the other hand, wore black because it goes with everything. I also wore a tie, because it’s studly, but unlike my cousin Jeannette (who wore a skirt like a real girl), I did not use the men’s bathroom.
Anyway, much thanks to my brother and his new wife! Sorry for not posting this earlier, but:
1. I didn’t have any pictures.
2. I wanted to make sure the marriage lasted a bit before committing blog space to it.
<Aside: Calgary did not make it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. ha ha.>
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