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The most useful map ever.

Normally, I don’t keep beer in my home. While the DS was moving, she left some in my fridge, which we drank. When we were down to a couple of bottles, she reminded me to pick up more. I didn’t. Then we had to share the last one and she reminded me to get more. I didn’t.
On Monday, the DS and I were driving back from my soccer game. It was a rather warm night, I played a good game and we were looking forward to a frosty beverage. But of course, I didn’t have any.
We decided to stop on the way home from my game to get more. Unfortunately, as we pulled into every Beer Store and LCBO between the field and my home, we realized that all liquor-selling places in my area closed at 9pm. (It was 9:05 when we arrived at the first one.)
I then had to endure a scolding that included a lecture on how Mississauga is suburban and primitive and I should move to Toronto where Beer Stores are open until 10pm. (Yes, I received the "Toronto is the centre of the universe argument.)
After relating this story to a co-worker, he sent me the following link: http://www.beerhunter.ca/mississauga
It has a map of Mississauga, all the places you can buy alcohol and their hours. And on it, I found a Beer Store near my home that is open until 10pm. So there, Torontonians. Mississauga is just as happening a place as Toronto.
For those of you wondering how this helps you, you can change "Mississauga" for your city.  How handy is that? I wish there was one of these for every company on the planet.
Or even better, a map where I can select a geographic location and a map of all the commercial establishments was displayed. Just like a city version of the mall directory. That would be immensely useful. If there’s a software geek out there somewhere, please take care of this.
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