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Lost in translation.

One of our reports was written in Spanish. I needed a copy so the Project Manager had software translate it into English for me. This is what I got:
"The system was planned in several stages and it is a question, as other hydraulic works to supply the city, of projects transexenales. One of the major difficulties that it had to conquer was not so much the distance to covering to lead the water up to the city but some preys were located in levels very for below of this one, which I imply a considerable investment to raise the liquid for pumping. The first stage of the work consisted of taking the water of the imprisoned victory and of leading her for the first aqueduct of X.X metres of diameter and YY kilometres of length, crossing the saws of the crosses, in the west one of the city."
I’ve been working in this industry for almost 10 years and I have no idea what that means.
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