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Two hours!

On Saturday, the DS (Drill Sergeant) and I were scheduled to go to a friend’s wedding (her friends – I had never met them before).
The groom emailed a map with instructions to the wedding facility – a community hall in Mono, Ontario. (And I thought that "Bickerdike, Alberta" was bad…).
We followed the instructions and it took two hours to get there and missed the ceremony – in fact, we got there just as the bride and groom were walking back down the aisle and out the door for photos. DS signed the guest book, we followed the rest of the guests outside for the group photo, had a snack and watched the slide show depicting the lives of the bride and groom. The groom seems to fish a lot. The bride holds other women’s children. According to the invitation, dinner and dancing was "to follow".
We didn’t know anyone there and didn’t feel particularly sociable. After about 45 minutes, the DS turns to me and says, "You wanna go home?". Yes, please.
So we drove home. And I found us a better route than the groom selected and got us home in an hour. Ha ha! Don’t mess with this engineer/virgo.
Three hours of driving, 45 minutes of wedding. meh. I promise my wedding will be more exciting. Of course, I’ll be 80 when that happens at the rate I’m going, but mark my words – everyone under 90 will be expected to party hard.
And speaking of marriage: Mark, how’s it going? Get on that.
Also, while I have your attention, our first summer parade is Sunday, June 11th in Welland. Look for me in a colour guard near you. Also on the schedule: Brampton (Jun 17), Oshawa (Jun 18), Toronto Dyke March (Jun 24) and Toronto Pride Parade (Jun 25). We may also be at the Montreal Pride Parade. I’ll keep you posted.
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