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I’ve had a bad day.

I just spent $650 on my car – replacing the timing belt and other assorted maintenance. I also recently bought new tires for it and spent about $100 detailing the interior (dreadful raw egg incident in the back seat – don’t ask). They told me that I should replace some brake thing during my next oil change ($725). Then I drove away. Within the week, my car wasn’t going well. I took it back. $373 later, things were fixed. For a week.
I took it back today with the same problem. The good news, is they tested it and cleaned something for free. "And we took it for a long test drive so it should be fine!" Uh huh.
It was fine for half a block. Same problem but now worse than when I dropped it off this morning. But I couldn’t take it back because I had to drive way up north to the Purolator building to pick up a package. When I got there, she said it wasn’t there because they were trying to deliver it again today. But my notice said it would be at the Purolator building. It wasn’t. I have to go back tomorrow. It’s far away. I don’t know if my car will make it.
My computer got a virus. Norton quarantined it, but things have been glitchy.
My cell phone has been in the repair shop for three weeks. They say it’s still not back. If my car dies, I have no phone.
I’m tired and the only beer in the house is Labatt’s Blue. 😦  Well, at least it was free beer. 🙂
But I guess it could be worse. I could be our controller. He came with us to the Provincial Global Traders Awards on Wednesday night. It was hosted by Brian Williams (who I hate – refer to my blogs during the Olympics) who spent the evening starting every award introduction with "when I was hosting the Olympic coverage…" or "I have hosted 17 Olympic Games…".
We didn’t win an award, but we got to stay at the Sheraton for free in downtown Toronto. (Unfortunately, we didn’t do anything but sleep because they charge $9 a person to use the hotel gym and the ‘complimentary’ deluxe continental breakfast is only complimentary for club level members.)
And the chairs we had to sit in were excruciatingly painful. (If you’ve ever seen ‘Crawlspace’ starring Nastasia Kinski’s dad, you may recall the death chair he had – this was similar.) Why would a conference chair be THIS uncomfortable. I mean, really, a chair has one function: preventing me from hitting the floor when I sit down. Granted, this death chair did do that, but how hard can it be to do it well?
But I digress. To continue with why I’m glad I’m not our controller: They included a ‘gala reception’ with the award presentation. We walked around a buffet type setup with a glass of wine in one hand, our fork in our shirt  pocket (no knives provided), and our plate in the other hand. Then we had to eat standing up. Our controller apparently ate something that didn’t agree with him and he was positively green even the next day at work. So I suppose that would have been worse.
Oh – and a woman at the awards thing asked me if I was there because I won the "student" award. Good lord. I haven’ t been in school for 10 years. I’m 35 dammit! 35! I must have inherited my mother’s youthful good looks. Yeah – that’s it.
Now I’m going to look at Smart cars. If it fits my hockey gear, I’m buying one.
(I’m suspecting that I’m PMS-ing but without a uteris, it’s so hard to tell. I’m going to get more beer and some chocolate now…)
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