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I’m dating the energizer bunny.

The May long weekend is notorious for camping, leisure and beer. My May long weekend has introduced me to the future of my relationship, which I’m thinking will be using the U.S. Marine Corps as its model.
Let me elaborate:
Saturday morning, we went to my boxing class (1.5 hrs of athletic fun – well – maybe only 1 hr of athletic fun with 0.5 hrs of cardio thrown in to annoy me…).
Sunday, she asked if I wanted to go to my favourite coffee shop before our colour guard practice and I foolishly said yes. She made us bike there and back. Those of you in Ontario may remember how windy it was on Sunday. It was also uphill for about 12 km (total trip was 25 km). No coffee was worth that.
Monday, we narrowly escaped rollerblading due to the cold weather, but did end up playing a little basketball.
Next weekend, in addition to boxing and our FULL DAY colour guard practice, she signed me up for a climbing course.
Also, starting June 1st, I have been informed I will be expected to wake up daily at 5:30 am to haul my sorry ass to the gym for cardio and weight training.
To which I respond, "YES, DRILL SERGEANT!"
And here I thought my trip to the army surplus on wednesday was for shorts and parade boots for my flag twirling group…  but I suppose anything is better than peeling potatoes.
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