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Shaking the dew for work.

I went to the Phoenix office this week for a 10 hr OSHA Construction Safety Course. Since one of our upcoming jobs requires that all workers be drug tested and there’s some kind of driving rule down there that says that anyone driving a truck pulling a lot of weight (like one of our inspection units) has to have a Dept of Transport medical exam and drug test, we Canadian workers were asked to submit to testing.
Note: The American workers have to go for testing – no choice. The Canadian workers must volunteer. Lovely little freedom of choice for us. However, unlike the U.S., we don’t get nutter butter cookies. 😦
Anyway, four of us wandered over to the DOT approved clinic for our DOT drug test and medical exam. Jeff and George were taken away and told to pee in a cup and then I was. Believe it or not, I was done my sample before they were. I’m so quick. I walked out of the restroom with my little cup o’ pee and a few seconds later, Jeff walked out of his restroom with his cup o’ pee. It is very odd to see a co-worker’s cup o’ pee. And a little disconcerting to have him see mine.
George took longer (he says his bladder was empty and he was having trouble filling to the line). The nurse was calling him through the door, trying to figure out what was taking so long. I asked if she was sure she told him that he needed to give a urine sample, not a sperm sample.  I don’t think it’s possible to fill the cup to the line with a sperm sample.
The medical wasn’t difficult: an eye test, a hearing test, touching your toes, closing your eyes and balancing. I passed. I’ll get the drug tests back later. I imagine I’ll pass. The only thing they are likely to find is chocolate.
Other than that, the trip was fine. I go back next week for a sales type meeting. I don’t think I need to pee for that one.
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