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Three blogs in one.

I’ve been a negligent blogger for so long, I feel I have to make it up to you with three new blogs:
Blog 1: Size Matters
My ROTC group (the parade performance people) have elected me (unanimously, might I add) for the Board of Directors as one of the previous board members resigned. I am officially a "Director-at-Large".
Unfortunately, you all know that I have issues with my hip size so this title doesn’t make me particularly happy. Do you think I could ask to be the "Director-at-Medium"? Or even the "Director-at-Big-Boned".
Blog 2: A Co-op Engineer did NOT invent standardized time.
I was monopolizing the copier at work on Friday by printing out 20 copies of the Health & Safety Manual that I wrote for our company. It’s 126 pages long although I do print them double sided to save paper. The Safety Manual is a big priority for a company. Especially ours because our guys go into tiny, underground pipes on a regular basis.
Anyway, we have a bunch of co-op engineers working for our R&D Dept. We don’t pay for them. We aren’t sure what our R&D guy makes them do, however, we do know it involves a lot of photocopying.
The latest co-op guy kept wandering to the copier to see if I was done. Finally, at about 10:00 am, I said, "look – I’ll be using the copier all day. It may not take all day, but it will definitely take the whole morning."
So he says, "I should come back in a few minutes?"
I said, "No, it will take ALL MORNING."
He says, "OK, I’ll come back in 15 minutes."
Blog 3: Won’t You be my Neighbour?
The house attached to me went on sale about a month ago. It’s still not sold and they’ve dropped the asking price by $3,500. It’s slightly smaller than mine and I would guess not in as good shape as the MLS listing only has an exterior photo.
Last night as I drove home, I noticed the neighbours on the other side have put their unit up for sale.
Apparently, no one wants to live by me.
I would like gay people to move in. Then we can start our very own gaybourhood here in the suburbs. And we can have parades around the complex cul-de-sac roadway. Mom and I marched around it in circles last spring as part of the recovery process from my surgery so we have the lesbian contribution and PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians & Gays) contribution covered. Now we just need some leatherdaddies, drag queens and vegetarians.
(FYI: The unit that just went up for sale is the same size as the other unit – ie: a bit smaller than mine – and they are asking $13,000 more. I tried to find the ‘virtual tour’ the sign on their lawn says I can find, but I can’t find it so I don’t know what the difference is.)
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