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Naked chicks aplenty.

A friend took me to the strippers on Saturday night. Not to see the strippers, but to meet a friend of hers who waitressed there. I had already seen my fill of strippers the last time I went, with a different friend.
<Aside: Why do my friends keep taking me to see strippers?>
Anyway, there we were in perverts row, watching women do very unhygienic things with the pole, and it occurred to me that suburban stripper clubs were a little different than the downtown stripper clubs (not that I’ve been to enough clubs to give a good sample size for comparison – I’ve been to exactly one of each). Suburban clubs were less crowded, less noisy and a little less formal, less business oriented. Unlike the downtown club, not a single stripper offered me a lap dance. Although my friend was offered breasts from some audience member/stripper wannabe who kept ending up on stage, and she graciously declined.
Also, the women actually seemed to outnumber the men in the audience – and they all looked like straight women! Why is that? If any of my straight friends have insight to offer on this, I’d love to hear it.
My favourite stripper was the one who carefully washed down the pole before she began her performance. Smart woman. That was kind of attractive. A woman who appreciates a germ-free environment is always a turn on.
And, mom, I AM doing wholesome activities as well. The same friend took me to the Mini-Indy go-kart place on Thursday. There were no naked chicks there and we stuck to the junior speed cars. All good, harmless fun. (Although I did have a beer at dinner after the go-karts and only had a diet coke at the strippers… how messed up is that?)
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