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How much blood can I give?

The bone marrow donation people called and I have an appointment next week to donate blood to them for testing.
I went to my doctor today for my first follow up appointment after my hysterectomy and she is sending me for blood tests on Saturday for iron levels and glucose and cholesterol and a bunch of other things (because I’m old – not because there’s anything wrong me per se).
That’s a lot of blood I have to give up. Hopefully, I won’t get injured at soccer again. I can’t afford to waste any.
And it turns out that on my doctor’s scale I’m 12 lbs heavier than I am on my home scale. That was quite the disappointment. However, I am still 12 lbs lighter than I was after my surgery a year ago (24 lbs lighter, if we go by my home scale) and since my uteris only weighs a few ounces, that’s all fat loss. I’m practically wasting away.
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