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No comment.

For those of you wondering why it is no longer possible to post comments on my blog, it is because while I was in Edmonton, someone posted a comment (anonymously, of course) that was the usual anti-gay rant. It was oddly formatted (the first letter of each word was upper case ?!) and didn’t seem to have any coherant or logical support of his/her statements.
I deleted it. No big deal really. But I just thought that it wasn’t anything I really wanted my mother to have to see or experience.
[Aside: I do find it odd that the MSN censors wouldn’t let me publish a blog with "whore" in the title, but it allows the offensive text this person posted in the comments.]
I’m trying to figure out how to make it so at least my contacts can add comments, but as far as I can figure – it’s an all or nothing deal.
In the meantime, you all just have to sit there and listen to what I tell you without being allowed a rebuttal. ha ha.
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