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The trip home.

I got to the Calgary Airport a bit early for my 10 am flight so I asked if they could put me on the 9 am flight. They said it was full, but they could put me on the waiting list. I thought that would confuse things if I didn’t get on, so I said I’d wait for the 10 am flight.
When I got to Toronto, my luggage did not show up with the other luggage. I waited and waited. Then I went to the ‘we lost your luggage’ counter and they told me that it had arrived on the 9 am flight. Lucky luggage.
In other news, my grandmother gave not only my brother a wedding gift, but also myself and my two cousins. She figured that she wouldn’t "be around" for our weddings so she’d give us the gifts now. I’m not sure if that is a comment on her age or some kind of comment on our abilities to find mates.
Anyway, we’ve been given gifts! So whatever kind of comment it was, I’m ok with it. And since my grandmother is a tough, Ukrainian farmer’s wife, she’ll live forever.
And, we’ve been told that if any of the three of us do manage to get married, then all four of us will get another wedding gift! This is awesome. I love my grandmother.
So Mark – get going. You’re the next one in line there. I’ve met your gf, she’s a sweetheart. You really have no excuses at this point. Go get ‘er.
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