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To those Calgarians to whom my apology offended:

So I wrote my last blog stating that because I’m going to Calgary for the weekend, I won’t have access to my hotmail. I was NOT, as my Calgarian cousins inferred, implying that Calgary is not technological competant enough to have internet.
I was not going to access my email because I only had my work laptop and I wasn’t allowed to access hotmail on my work laptop. And I didn’t think I’d have access to a desktop anywhere – certainly not at the hotel on Friday and Saturday.
When my cousins told me they were offended, I went back to the hotel with the intent of signing on to write an apology blog to them for the offense my previous apology caused (Calgarians are apparently easily offended). Unfortunately, the hotel DID NOT HAVE A WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION! What hotel doesn’t have a wireless internet connection? Apparently a Calgary one.
So I apologize for any offense my last blog caused to people who interpreted it as meaning that I thought Calgary is not computer-savvy. That’s so very obviously not the case…
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