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Stella at six.

As I was leaving boxing class today, I saw three young children playing in the road. One dark-haired girl (maybe 5-6 years old) was pulling a large plastic wagon with two other children in it. One of these riders was a little girl (again, 5-6 yrs old) with long, red hair and the other was a wee gender neutal child of maybe three years old.
At one point, the little redhead threw a large piece of garbage out of the wagon and into the middle of the road. The dark-haired girl put the wagon handle down, walked over to the garbage, picked it up and gave it back to the redhead. No maliciousness in it – just the redhead, matter of factly, throwing it and the brunette going to get it. Like playing fetch.
This process kept repeating itself until I left. I assume it’s going on still.
My eureka moment (or ‘a-ha’ moment as Oprah calls it):
Doesn’t matter what age they are, every redheaded femme knows they are a princess.
Damn them.
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