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Google me geeky.

When I was hiring new staff, I called in six candidates for interviews. Before the interview, I googled each and every one of them to see what I would find.
One candidate’s name led me to a website from the U of T’s Engineering Faculty club site. Apparently, he had written a little "stomp" (ie: drinking song). There was an mp3 link so I could hear it, if I so desired. Of course I desired. Oh my heavens. It was certainly a rowdy stomp with a wee bit of swearing – well – actually the song was one sentence repeated so although there was only one swear in that sentence, it seemed to be quite prevalent. Although this is perfectly acceptable in university (especially in the engineering faculty), it’s not the image you want to follow you around professionally.
(He didn’t get the job, but not in any way due to this. The candidate we hired was simply spectacular. No one else stood a chance.)
Note: I also use this process to get the heads-up on women I meet in the dating scene.
Anyway, I like to google me to ensure nothing embarrassing pops up.
This time, googling my last name brought up some stuff about me, my brother, my nephew, my dad and a new one for my mom. It was a article in a health magazine put out in Edmonton by the Capital Health Authority. This article described a group that does theatrical productions on health and medication and aging to seniors in seniors homes. Fair enough, however, they refer to my mother’s troupe as "senior citizens"! My mother is hardly a senior! She’s less than 55. (I’m not saying how much less because she’ll beat me if I put that info on the web.)
Oh and in case you’re interested, all you get for me is:
1. my women’s triathlon time (from 2 yrs ago),
2. my email address from three jobs/6 yrs ago (on a fort kid website), and
3. my NSA rating.
All in all, nothing that should prevent me getting a job or new girlfriend – unless the scrabble rating is too geeky for them.
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