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Apparently, exercise ISN’T good for me…

I went to donate blood today. Again, my iron levels were very low. The minimum to donate is 125 and I had 126 again. Talking to the nurse about why my iron fluctuated so much (last time, my iron rocked!), and she asked if I had worked out the night before. I had. She said that will decrease my iron. That is so wrong. Although, the silver lining is that now I have a good excuse to not work out the day before I donate. I only need an excuse for the other 51 days…
AND two of the nurses there commented on how muscular my arms were. I’m so studly. Either that or they are flattering me to keep me coming back… those blood whores will say anything for a donation!
In other news:
I attended day two of my safety course today. While I was in the public lunchroom heating up my lunch, a guy showed me and another woman there the cover of the Toronto Sun. It had a picture of the two women from Hamilton who are suspected of killing the couple in Mexico. He’s says to us, "now really, do these two girls look like contract killers to you?"
I replied with, "are you telling me that women who are attractive can’t be contract killers?" He said that no, contract killers don’t look like that. I replied with, "so ugly women look like contract killers…"
Then he decided to get away from appearance and go with personality. "But they don’t have a criminal record and they go to church weekly!"
Yes, so would I if I were a contract killer. It’s the perfect cover, isn’t it? And petty crimes are bad news for professional killers – wasn’t Al Capone nabbed for tax evasion?
But I guess I shouldn’t be so upset if some guy can’t believe pretty girls are capable of heinous crimes… that will help things when my harem plots to take control of the world back from the patriarchy. (And isn’t THAT the most lesbian thing I’ve ever said? tee hee)
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  1. Miss
    March 2, 2006 at 12:52 pm

    Sweet. Can I be a part of your harem? I want to take back the world!! Woohooo!!!

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