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March 30, 2006 Leave a comment
I received my bank statement today. There was an enclosure with information on the new banking plans and what services they offer and how much it costs. And apparently, since the last update, they’ve changed the names of the plans.
Old plans were called: Basic, Initial and Unlimited.
New plans are called: Practical, Plus, Performance and Premium.
I looked at my statement to figure out which plan I had so I could figure out which plan I’ll be getting and my plan is called: Standard.
Of course.
Banking bastards.
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No comment.

March 24, 2006 Leave a comment
For those of you wondering why it is no longer possible to post comments on my blog, it is because while I was in Edmonton, someone posted a comment (anonymously, of course) that was the usual anti-gay rant. It was oddly formatted (the first letter of each word was upper case ?!) and didn’t seem to have any coherant or logical support of his/her statements.
I deleted it. No big deal really. But I just thought that it wasn’t anything I really wanted my mother to have to see or experience.
[Aside: I do find it odd that the MSN censors wouldn’t let me publish a blog with "whore" in the title, but it allows the offensive text this person posted in the comments.]
I’m trying to figure out how to make it so at least my contacts can add comments, but as far as I can figure – it’s an all or nothing deal.
In the meantime, you all just have to sit there and listen to what I tell you without being allowed a rebuttal. ha ha.
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The trip home.

March 21, 2006 Leave a comment
I got to the Calgary Airport a bit early for my 10 am flight so I asked if they could put me on the 9 am flight. They said it was full, but they could put me on the waiting list. I thought that would confuse things if I didn’t get on, so I said I’d wait for the 10 am flight.
When I got to Toronto, my luggage did not show up with the other luggage. I waited and waited. Then I went to the ‘we lost your luggage’ counter and they told me that it had arrived on the 9 am flight. Lucky luggage.
In other news, my grandmother gave not only my brother a wedding gift, but also myself and my two cousins. She figured that she wouldn’t "be around" for our weddings so she’d give us the gifts now. I’m not sure if that is a comment on her age or some kind of comment on our abilities to find mates.
Anyway, we’ve been given gifts! So whatever kind of comment it was, I’m ok with it. And since my grandmother is a tough, Ukrainian farmer’s wife, she’ll live forever.
And, we’ve been told that if any of the three of us do manage to get married, then all four of us will get another wedding gift! This is awesome. I love my grandmother.
So Mark – get going. You’re the next one in line there. I’ve met your gf, she’s a sweetheart. You really have no excuses at this point. Go get ‘er.
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To those Calgarians to whom my apology offended:

March 19, 2006 Leave a comment
So I wrote my last blog stating that because I’m going to Calgary for the weekend, I won’t have access to my hotmail. I was NOT, as my Calgarian cousins inferred, implying that Calgary is not technological competant enough to have internet.
I was not going to access my email because I only had my work laptop and I wasn’t allowed to access hotmail on my work laptop. And I didn’t think I’d have access to a desktop anywhere – certainly not at the hotel on Friday and Saturday.
When my cousins told me they were offended, I went back to the hotel with the intent of signing on to write an apology blog to them for the offense my previous apology caused (Calgarians are apparently easily offended). Unfortunately, the hotel DID NOT HAVE A WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION! What hotel doesn’t have a wireless internet connection? Apparently a Calgary one.
So I apologize for any offense my last blog caused to people who interpreted it as meaning that I thought Calgary is not computer-savvy. That’s so very obviously not the case…
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My apologies in advance.

March 17, 2006 Leave a comment
In about an hour, I will be going offline as I trudge through the Albertan snow to Calgary. I likely won’t have internet access again until Monday.
Consequently, I will not be able to email any of my regulars or update the blog for a couple of days.
Know that I will miss you. You better miss me. Don’t make me come over there…
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Jet lagged thoughts from Edmonton.

March 15, 2006 2 comments
It is 6:48 am here in Edmonton. I’m up and showered and ready to take on the day. Of course, my parents are retired and no one else is up here, so I’m taking on the day online. After I finish this blog, I’m going to fire up my laptop and get some work done. woo hoo – vacation!
Also keep in mind I went to bed at 8 pm local time last night. I hate travelling across time zones.
Oooh – look  – the cat is awake. He must be on Toronto time too. Here kitty, kitty, kitty… hmm.. apparently he has better things to do than hang with me.
Holy, it’s so early here that the automatic coffee maker (on a timer) hasn’t even started yet. I’d walk to the 7-Eleven but there’s three feet of snow out there and I brought my summer boots… (what a city boi I’ve turned into!)
Speaking of boots, I showed my mom a picture of my Blundstone boots online and she hated them. Then I pulled them out of my suitcase and put them on. She likes them now. Apparently they look much better on my feet than on the webpage. I should pursue a career in foot modelling.
In work news, my boss sent an email to the company. Being a corporate mogul without whimsical creativity, he sent it without a subject line. If I were sending it, I would have called the "I’m opening a big can of whup-ass" email.  Anyway, in it, he says "If Hobbes wants you to do something, do it. If Hobbes wants you to stop doing something, stop doing it. We will approve any and all recommendations she makes." This is a large sword of power. Hugh came into my office and passed on this tidbit from Spiderman: with great power comes great responsibility.
I walked into Allison’s office and told her to wash my car. She said no. 😦 So much for great power.
And for the final topic of the day (before I start doing some work – ugh): my mother agrees with Stella that I should be writing some kind of children’s book. Aside from the fact I think I want to title it "I’m opening a big can of whup-ass" (children should learn early), I don’t know what to write about. So if anyone has any good children’s book (or ‘young adult’ book) things I should write about, let me know. If I publish it, I’ll take you for dinner… but only at McDonald’s as children’s authors don’t get paid much. Unless you write a Harry Potter book. But then I’d be sued for copyright infringement.
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Stella at six.

March 11, 2006 Leave a comment
As I was leaving boxing class today, I saw three young children playing in the road. One dark-haired girl (maybe 5-6 years old) was pulling a large plastic wagon with two other children in it. One of these riders was a little girl (again, 5-6 yrs old) with long, red hair and the other was a wee gender neutal child of maybe three years old.
At one point, the little redhead threw a large piece of garbage out of the wagon and into the middle of the road. The dark-haired girl put the wagon handle down, walked over to the garbage, picked it up and gave it back to the redhead. No maliciousness in it – just the redhead, matter of factly, throwing it and the brunette going to get it. Like playing fetch.
This process kept repeating itself until I left. I assume it’s going on still.
My eureka moment (or ‘a-ha’ moment as Oprah calls it):
Doesn’t matter what age they are, every redheaded femme knows they are a princess.
Damn them.
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