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Bone marrow?

I was thinking of registering to be a bone marrow donator. Has anyone donated marrow? Does it hurt? Keep in mind I had a hysterectomy so even knowing how it compares to that would be useful.
A bone marrow donation would save a life and seems like a good idea but I’m a little scared by it. I’ve tried to research it, but can only find info from bone marrow donation agencies who are trying to convince me to do it, so I imagine they won’t be all that forthcoming if it’s a really painful thing to do.
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  1. Miss
    February 27, 2006 at 11:45 am

    That is so noble! Dammit, why don\’t you have a gay sister??!!
    From what I\’ve been told, (my cousin), donating is very painful…But it would be a different pain from a hysterecotomy, because it\’s a bone-pain. (I\’m sure they give you some good painkillers tho! hehehe)Really, I don\’t have alot of useful info for you, but I just thought your idea was so unselfish that I had to tell you how wonderful you are. lol
    To see if you\’re a match, you only have to do a blood test, though, right? And that part I KNOW isn\’t painful :o)

  2. Catherine
    February 27, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    Looking for adults…..everyone in MSN is 13……so I found one!  Just stopped by to say hello, took your life quiz thingy & my life rates4.5……but I have lots to be depressed about so it\’s all good for now.  Oh yea, I hate vacuuming a whole bunch……..even though I bought a snazzy new one before Christmas.  Maybe not as much as you though.  Take care.

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