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I tried to be a girl, but it didn’t work.

My mom bought me moccasins for Christmas that were too small. I decided to exchange them.
But what should I exchange them for? I already own moccasins and I don’t wear slippers or any other form of indoor shoe (unless I’m at Stella’s – then I keep my shoes on because if I don’t, my socks get covered with pet hair – ew).
I decided that I would get a pair of plain, black, basic dress shoes for job interviews and my brother’s wedding. All my current dress shoes are men’s shoes and I may like them, but:
a) general straight, gender unaware interviewers would be confused and
b) my mother does not want me to ‘dress like a man’ for my brother’s wedding because my grandmother doesn’t know I’m gay and wearing shoes identical to my grandfather’s church shoes would confuse her.
So I went to the store and looked around. I found two pair that were tolerable – not too girly, but not masculine. I tried them on. They were narrow (as all women’s shoes are on me – blame my tiny toes) but I could tolerate them for an hour or two. If I really had to.
Then I tried on a pair of Blundstone’s boots – oh my holy lord they were comfortable! And they say they last forever!
I bought those.
Sorry mom, I tried to be a girl. (And technically, they are unisex – not men’s.)
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  1. Miss
    February 22, 2006 at 10:26 pm

    Okay several things:
    1) Are you looking for a new job?
    2) I followed the link to the boots. They ARE very nice. But terribly overpriced.(They BETTER last forever. lol) We (as in the company I work for), import them on behalf of the Australian boot company. Pffhhh. I can\’t believe the mark-up. (Although I know, logically this is just a part of the capitalist society we live in :oP)
    3) Is that what you are wearing to your brother\’s wedding? (I\’m not judging here. lol. They are nice boots…I just don\’t think that\’s what your mom had in mind…Unisex is still kinda boi-ish)
    4) You know I luv ya, right? :oD

  2. S
    February 23, 2006 at 11:58 am

    hmm… lots of questions:
    1. no i\’m not, but it never hurts to be prepared.
    2. yes, expensive and i never would have purchased without the contribution my mom made. a co-worker (excellent dresser, btw) has a pair and says they last forever and hold a shine better than any other boot he\’s had.
    3. yes, i\’m wearing that to my brother\’s wedding. i\’m not wearing a skirt, so it\’ll be fine. although the woman in the ad the shoe salewoman showed me had a woman in a skirt wearing a pair and she looked ok. sort of. i wouldn\’t have made the same sock choice she did. and my mom will be fine as these boots are less manly than my current boots. no one will even notice them under my pants. now i just have to figure out how i can still wear a tie…
    4. of course. 😉

  3. Paulette
    February 23, 2006 at 1:52 pm

    They are classic but a little different which I guess is OK…
    I think you made an all right choice; in the end you got to go with what is comfortable for you, right?
    Gawd knows I have a mother too and it can be hard to please em; but they are not that bad tell her to talk to me if she has a problem with them…LOL (kidding)
    Enjoy the wedding and be comfortable.

  4. jill
    March 3, 2006 at 3:09 pm

    blundstones do last forever (i bought mine in the uk in 1995 and they still look like new–i have replaced the insole with a new blundstone insole (which you can get at gravity pope in edmonton for sure for about $10, and i\’m sure anywhere else that sells blundstones would carry them as well, but that\’s not what i was about to say, i got distracted).  what i was going to say was that blundstones are like doc martins in the sense that the soles can be a bit iffy in the winter, on cold days.  they aren\’t as bad as doc martins, which freeze up as soon as you hit the cold and you hit the deck, but blundstones can get tricky on cold days on the ice.  i learned that the hard way, after wearing them for a year in the uk without any problems and then came back to alberta winters and was slipping and sliding.  i don\’t think you get quite as cold temp wise, more snow and humidity out east…but i could be wrong…meterology isn\’t my expertise.  just be careful the first cold day you step on the ice…then again, you may possess better balance and grace than i do…
    and they work great with a long skirt and the right socks…
    and if you watch carefully in priscilla queen of the desert, in the desert sceen when the dude\’s climbing up the hill in his shorts…he\’s wearing blundstones…in fact, he wears them throughout a lot of the movie…but it is an australian movie after all…

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